Dan Carrel


Artistic exploration has always been a vital part of who I am, and it is this investigation that inspired me to pursue a career in architecture. While pursuing my undergrad, I was introduced to watercolor while participating in a study tour in Italy and it has been my medium of choice ever since. I enjoy working with watercolor because it challenges me and allows me to achieve such a varied range of results in my paintings.

My watercolors, like my architectural design, seek to explore the relationships that exist between the natural and built environments and capture a true sense of place. In contrast to many watercolor artists, my work tends more towards realism and is tediously detailed in an effort to capture texture, light, and atmosphere. The appealing landscape of the seacoast provides unending inspiration for my paintings and I enjoy investigating the New England subject matter.

Prints of my work are currently being sold at Tulips in downtown Portsmouth, NH.

You can find me on Instagram at dano84.